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About The Author

George Harris is 57 years old and lives both in the United Kingdom and Cyprus.

George started Forex trading many years ago and during this time has developed a highly successful, risk management-based strategy for reducing the risk exposure whilst ensuring that he gains a strong return on investment based upon his trading account value (e.g. normally an average of 20% per month).

Since implementing this strategy, he has demonstrated a success rate on trades of over 90%. The ten rules he has used in his trading strategy are outlined within the course.

George has developed the course as a direct result of consistently being asked, “how are you doing this and making it successful?” and has structured it to provide the help and guidance needed for anyone looking to start day trading in Forex.

The course is now available online. It can be purchased through this website and via numerous training platforms.

George has already passed on his knowledge and experience to other new traders, most of whom have had some level of success. However, he realises that success is never a guaranteed outcome. Trading is a risky undertaking. However, with George’s advice and guidance he is confident that you will be able to reduce this risk significantly.

What are The Benefits Of Trading?

High earning potential

Forex day trading offers the trader a very high earning potential. There are very few other forms of investment that can match the returns a successful trader can achieve.

Work-life balance

Everyone is looking for a good work-life balance. The advantage of trading is that it can be done any place, any time, Monday to Friday. Hence you can choose where and when to trade.

Makes your money work for you

Keeping your money in a savings account is an option. While this is normally a very safe choice, it will earn very little interest. Trading can make your money work for you, instead of it just sitting there, doing very little.

The finer things in life

Most people strive for the finer things in life. Forex day trading can help you obtain these things by increasing your disposable income with minimal additional workload.

Join our growing trading community

People who sign up for our premium version of the course are invited to many webnars and also are able to join our growing Facebook group of Forex day traders.  The course also comes with 6 months email support from the course author.