Forex Strategy Course - Learn how to become a successful Forex trader.

This could be the best *£19.00 you will ever spend.

“This course provides you with a proven risk averse strategy that will get you started in Forex trading. 

I have managed to earn thousands of pounds trading just a few hours per day. Trading offers a superb work life balance and enables me and my family to enjoy life to the full.  Now I want to share my experience and help others to achieve their long term goals”

Course author – George Harris

*Course is normally priced at £39.00, however we are currently offering a £20.00 special offer discount (see Special Offer in the main  menu).

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What's Included?

8 Modules - 66 lessons

The full course is available online in English. The modules and lessons are designed to provide you with the important information you need to become successful at Forex trading.

Learn from my experience

You don't have to be an expert in financial services to become a successful trader. However, you do need the right advice and guidance before you start trading.

Proven strategy

Over the last few years George has developed ten strategic rules of trading that have enabled him to trade successfully. His strategy is based around risk management and common sense.

Access to fellow traders

If you purchase this course you'll get access to our new trading community online where you'll be able to ask questions and get the additional advice and guidance you need including 6 months email support.

What Makes This Course Different?

When George started trading he wanted to learn the basics of Forex trading but he really wanted reliable and practical advice from someone who really knew how to be successful.

This course isn’t aimed at people who want to know the in-depth technicalities of Forex trading.  George isn’t going to teach you about Candlestick and Fibonacci graphs etc.  He’s sure they are useful to some people but he learned about them many years ago and he has never used that knowledge in his day to day trading activities.  Instead, this course teaches you about the basics of Forex trading along with a practical ten rule strategy that has enabled him to be successful.  

Fundamentally, this course will enable you to get started in trading, manage risk more effectively based upon following his strategic rules for successful trading.  If you stick to these rules you have a much better chance of success and hopefully you will benefit from his experience. 

What does the course include?

Module 1 - Course introduction

There is an initial lesson about the course author, based upon a short biography. There is also a video introduction from George Harris as well as an overview of the course content and learning objectives.

Module 2 - Forex trading overview

This module is focused on learning about high level basics of Forex trading, the associated advantages and disadvantages along with your options for trading.

Module 3 - How to get started

This module covers the basics of getting started as a Forex trader. You are advised on trading prerequisites, start up finance and what type of equipment is required.

Module 4 - Basic trading information

This module is designed to give you the basic information you will need before you start trading in practice mode and obviously with real money.

Module 5 - Using trading platforms

The focus of this module is more practical, it teaches you about the use of a trading platform to initiate a trade and covers the user interface and tools etc.

Module 6 - Ten rule strategy

This module covers the ten rule strategy that has been developed by the course author. It is designed to reduce your risk and increase your profits.

Module 7 - The long term strategy

This module discusses the longer term strategic approach and how you can develop your trading beyond the ten rule strategy as your experience grows.

Module 8 - Help and support

This module is for information only with regards to how you can access help and assistance that is provided along with access to the trading community.

So, are you ready to begin?

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